Cool couple Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner 

i’ve had the loveliest evening by myself tonight. i made myself a cup of peach and cherry blossom tea and took it with me to the park so i could sit and read my book by the river in the last of the day’s sun, whilst listening to my music. came home and cooked myself dinner and pancakes for desert, i’m now lying on the sofa relaxing before i go to bed.

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the last photo on film is always autoportrait by .nevara on Flickr.
Misshaped pancakes made better with summer fruits.
I miss having a garden now I’m living at the flat, so what’s a better place to take a cup of tea and a book than castle park for the last of the days sun.

Notes To Ex-Lovers, 155.

I don’t like hair anymore. Or faces. Or painting.
Night time painting practice.
Tonight ☺️